Ascent of the Eagle

In Ascent of the Eagle, Dr. Charlie Palmgren continues to explore what it takes to break out and stay out of our cultural confines. Readers will discover that they and their organizations have the capacity to engage in iiChange, a process that allows us to be and become our best. (Click here for an excerpt and table of contents.)

Challenge from Mike Murray, Creative Interchange consultant


Order one copy of this book, and read it slowly. Then, if you have the courage, have each member of your unit, team, department, or company order a copy. Over a period of nineteen weeks, read and discuss for fifteen to twenty minutes one chapter a week. Each week, make a value, condition, stage in the process or tool the focus of effort and conversation and feedback with one another. If, after those nineteen weeks, you do not see significant improvement in the functioning of individuals and their relationships with one another, notify me via email, and I will completely refund your money; no questions asked.

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Praise for Ascent of the Eagle

“A rare jewel born out of Charlie Palmgren’s own experiences, yet accessible and practical. Read it, digest it, discuss it, experience it, and you will no doubt be led to a richer life.”
Brian Griffith, Ph.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, Assistant Director,
HOD Program Vanderbilt University

“A great accomplishment. . . . Practical and usable advice to achieve human transformation. . . . Charlie Palmgren’s . . . books will undoubtedly fulfill the need to find an effective way to deal with human interaction.”
Rob Reiche, Director
WisdomFlow International (Pty) Ltd. South Africa

“Ascent of the Eagle can support and guide your transformation from being at cross-purposes with yourself to being more effective in making decisions, relating to others, and to living a more satisfied life.”
Steven Johnson, President
Sinclair Community College Dayton, OH

“As with The Chicken Conspiracy, Charlie continues his easy-to-read writing style peppered with the richness of his stories and real-life examples. Ascent of the Eagle also includes tools and techniques the reader can use in everyday interactions for establishing the conditions needed for creative transformation.”
Carol Lischalk
Creative Interchange Institute, Inc. Chicago, IL

“Dr. Palmgren’s clear and progressive approach to the great search we all face for the meaning of life and our authentic selves is refreshing, inspiring, and practical.”
Di Allen-Thompson, Spiritual Mentor
M.A. Counseling, Punta Gorda, FL

“If you have ever wondered how to create the kind of work environment that would cause you (and your colleagues) to look forward to showing up for work in the morning, then this book will help you do that.”
Mike Murray, Creative Interchange consultant, Austin, TX