iiChange Assessments

We offer five assessments that measure meeting effectiveness, learning capacity, team performance, and communication styles.

iiQTM: An easy, online questionnaire that gives you general information about how you see and feel about yourself, how you see and relate to others, and how you think, solve problems, and accomplish goals. You are scored in 12 components of thinking and behavior that are essential for healthy human behavior and relationships:

    • Self-Awareness
    • Other Awareness
    • Situational Awareness
    • Self-Appreciation
    • Other Appreciation
    • Situational Appreciation
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creative Thinking
    • Holistic Thinking
    • Commitment
    • Discipline
    • Integrity

Team Climate InventoryTM
A brief online assessment that measures the levels of shared vision, open communication, task orientation, and support for innovation on your team. (Available only during workshops.)

Communicating Styles Survey
A tool to help people understand how they think and communicate and appreciate the diversity among styles. (Available only during workshops.)

Tracom Social Style™
A 360-degree survey that helps you understand your natural style of relating to others—combining self-analysis with the perceptions of a group of peers and supervisors of your choice. (Available only during workshops.)

iiChange Meeting MeterTM
Think you run tight, effective meetings? Measure them against the iiChange Meeting Meter to find out. (Click here for iiChange Meeting Meter.)

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