iiChange® Awareness Experience

The iiChange® Awareness Experience is for people who want to begin learning a process that can improve personal and professional satisfaction--a process that helps us be the best we can be with others and inside our own minds. Combining traditional classroom work with virtual group and independent study, the iiChange® Awareness Experience will have you thinking about self-awareness in a whole new way. You will:

  • Assess your current level of awareness and learn how to be who you really are without reservation
  • Become aware of how behavior creates perceptions and how you can help others understand you better
  • Discover the conditions that create stress and the conditions that lead to satisfaction
PART I: Half-day opening retreat with iiChange® coaches

Goals: To meet and connect with participants, get an overview of the process that leads to satisfaction, and learn the scope of the Awareness Experience

PART 2: Three-week independent study and virtual group learning

Goals: To deepen awareness of self and others; to understand what creates perceptions and how assumptions affect behavior; and to understand and learn how to break the stress cycle. Part 2 includes:

  • E-modules, worksheets, and discussion guides
  • Interaction with learning partners via web conference, phone, and social media
  • Assigned and suggested reading

PART 3: Full-day closing retreat

Goals: To reconnect and debrief experience with entire group and iiChange® coaches, as well as preview the next three modules and follow-own coaching.

Call (937) 293-3119 if you have questions, and
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COST: $400 (includes workshop materials and closing session lunch)

LOCATION: Elements IV Interiors, 3680 Wyse Rd., Dayton, OH 45414


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