Every Call Is A Gift

Customer satisfaction can be an elusive goal. What satisfies one customer can be far from ideal for another. And as the company representatives on the other end of the phone or other side of the counter, your employees often are tossed around in a sea of unpredictable expectations.

Every Call is a Giftworkshop can help your team navigate the customer service waters more easily.

We help your reps develop the ability to stay objective during emotionally charged interactions and find innovative ways to solve the problems that fall in their laps.

Combining discussion, visual presentations, and exercises based on real customer service experiences, this seminar is packed with useful information. In the end, your customer service team will have concrete tools for getting the most out of each customer interaction.

The multi-session workshop covers such concepts as:

  • Tools for more authentic communication
  • Appreciating diverse perspectives;
  • Using imagination to find possibilities
  • Self-coaching
  • Changing and sticking to habits
  • The inherent worth of every individual; and
  • Choosing how we think and behave

Every Call is a Gift can help you turn what can be a high-stress job into an opportunity to connect with your customers and work together to find satisfaction for everyone. Call (937) 293-3119 today for more information. (Click here to download more information.)

Who should participate?

Call centers teams, customer service teams

What’s in it for you?

  • More satisfied customers
  • More relaxed employees
  • More creative problem solving
  • Higher morale
  • Stronger internal communication