The Chicken Conspiracy

The Chicken Conspiracy, by Dr. Charlie Palmgren and Stacie Hagan,outlines the root cause of human resistance to change, broken relationships, extinguished creativity, organizational dysfunction, and general dissatisfaction and boredom with life. Most important, the authors identify a way to escape the conspiracy’s confining grip. (Click here for an excerpt and table of contents.)

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Praise for The Chicken Conspiracy

“Those who read into this text the essence of the title page—pursue creative processes and have the courage to follow their better ideas—will reap a rich reward.”
Robert W. Galvin, Chairman of the Executive Committee

“I found myself smiling, nodding, crying, laughing and ‘ah-ha’ing at almost every paragraph. The authors bring to light such basic truths that ring loud in my heart and head, and have yielded workable methods to my daily challenges. Thank you so much for so simply, clearly, poignantly and truthfully giving me new tools to enhance me and my effectiveness and to bring new peace.”
Ann W. Cramer, Regional Manager
IBM Corporate Community Relations

“An interesting and thought-provoking piece. In today’s increasingly interdependent workplace, the message from Stacie and Charlie can help us be more effective business leaders . . . and help our people to recover their creative potential.”
Robert Anclien, Partner
Andersen Consulting

“Public education must equip children by nurturing the eagle within. Charlie and Stacie clearly state the dynamic that undermines education and other social programs.”
William E. Milliken, Founder & President
Communities in Schools Inc.

“All I want to know is how the authors managed to write a book about me!”
Betty Barstow
Medical University of South Carolina