Charlie Palmgren

Charlie is a Nashville-based partner and facilitator with Innovative InterChange, Inc. He worked for forty years as an international consultant to top management at such corporations as Microsoft, Motorola, and Accenture (formerly Arthur Andersen). He has spent decades researching and writing about organizational development, human behavior, and human transformation, among other subjects.

His professional experience also includes roles as a personal and family counselor, drug abuse prevention program director, medical school professor, and leader of public education reform in the White House initiative “Communities in Schools.” Before helping to start Innovative InterChange, Inc, Charlie co-founded SynerChange International, Inc., an Atlanta-based consulting firm based on the principles of iiChange.

Charlie earned his Ph.D. in applied behavior science and organizational development from Union Institute and University. He holds bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Drake University; he also has done graduate work in psychiatry and alcoholism.

“Upon my first exposure to iiChange, I wrote it off as irrelevant. When I came to really understand it fifteen years later, it became the basis for my personal, family, corporate, social, and spiritual lives and has continued to be for more than fifty years.”

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