Creative Conflict

Do you turn and walk the other way when you see someone who tends to push your buttons? Is time wasted in your meetings when the same two people argue over even the most minor differences? Do you find yourself becoming defensive when your bosses question your decisions?

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction. But negative responses to it don’t have to be.

The “Creative Conflict” workshop can help you start to think differently about conflict and how you deal with it.

This one-day behaviorally based workshop defines conflict, explains why many people try to avoid it at all costs, and teaches you skills and tools that can reduce the tension and help you learn from it.

The behaviorally based workshop covers such concepts as:

  • Seeing the value of conflict
  • Understanding our emotional response to conflict and why we feel bad about it
  • Steering conflict toward a more positive outcome
  • Understanding you can control your response to conflict; you can’t control other people’s behavior
  • The inherent worth of every individual
  • Choosing how we think and behave
  • Self-coaching
  • Changing and sticking to habits
  • “Creative Conflict” can help you turn high-stress interactions into opportunities to connect with people and ideas, creating satisfaction for everyone.

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Who should participate?

Anyone who experiences conflict

What you get

Less time feeling turmoil

  • More diverse ideas
  • More creative problem solving
  • Higher morale
  • Stronger relationships
  • Better communication