Dialogue Facilitation

Have an important meeting coming up? One in which you need your group to reach shared understanding around a specific goal or set of goals?

Innovative InterChange’s dialogue facilitation can help focus your discussion, keep it productive, and get you the outcome you’re looking for. Our facilitation process is rooted in five fundamental deliberation and dialogue principles:

  • Mutual respect
  • Authentic communication
  • Appreciation of diverse perspectives
  • Imagining possibilities
  • Habit transformation

Whether you’re hosting a one-time brainstorming session, a leadership team meeting, or a series of meetings with a diverse group of participants, an iiChange facilitator can pull the best ideas out of the group. And when differences in perspective and opinion arise, the facilitator will help you use all of the ideas to build shared understanding and find new, more creative possibilities.

Your facilitator also can compile notes from and write summary reports of your meeting. Sometimes it helps to have an objective third party guide a group through a complex conversation; giving you, as a leader or manager, a chance to be just a participant or an observer.

iiChange Dialogue Facilitation can turn an average discussion into high-powered, meaningful dialogue. Call us today to discuss how to make your next meeting or retreat as successful as it can be.

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Who should participate?

Teams and organizations looking for a third-party moderator to lead discussions, brainstorming

What’s in it for you?

  • Clearer objectives, outcomes
  • More focused discussions
  • More authentic interactions
  • Value from integrating diverse perspectives
  • More creative solutions