Kathy Hollingsworth

Kathy is a partner and facilitator with Innovative InterChange, Inc. She has more than thirty years of experience in coaching individuals and organizations to their highest potential. For five years, Kathy served as president of National City Bank in the Dayton area, leading the bank to hold the largest market share in corporate loans and the third-largest share in retail deposits in the region.

During her tenure, she successfully managed a turnaround situation—introducing a new sales management system, organizing a staff development program, and creating an entrepreneurial spirit within the confines of a large, centralized organization.

She also led and continues to lead community activities and development efforts, creating and implementing new projects and programs to enhance the Dayton community. Kathy earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from Wittenberg University and an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

“Whether in banking or with Innovative InterChange, my passion has been helping people meet their goals and enjoy life to its fullest. iiChange has given me the concepts, skills, and tools to allow myself the freedom to be who I am and to create lasting relationships by allowing others to be who they are. The journey to freedom has been a winding path. I’m thrilled I was ‘re-minded’ through iiChange that I choose my own thoughts. It has propelled me further toward the freedom I cherish.”

Contact Kathy at khollingsworth@iichange.com.