Diverse backgrounds; One purpose

Innovative InterChange Inc. is a consulting and facilitation company based in Dayton, Ohio, with an office in Nashville. We consult with and create customized workshops and other experiences for corporations, government organizations, and nonprofits.

We can be a full-service organizational effectiveness consultant for you; we also can complement the programs you may already be using.

The company was founded in 2006 by Kathy and Frank Hollingsworth and Dr. Charlie and Marian Palmgren. They came together after decades exploring other paths--Kathy in banking; Frank in information technology, Charlie in applied behavioral science, international corporate consulting, and Episcopal priesthood; and Marian in raising four children.

A practical process for change

The iiChange Process is the result of Charlie’s personal and professional mission for the last several decades: to carry on the philosophy of his mentor, Dr. Henry Nelson Wieman.

Henry was a 20th century thinker who believed that human beings are made for what he called creative transformation, much like a bird is made for flight. He called this transformational process Creative Interchange. By adding tools and skills and identifying core competencies, Charlie has made what is now called iiChange accessible to and practical for individuals and teams who want to learn how to move beyond the status quo. The process today is a reflection of years of collaboration with other change management experts as well as research from such disciplines as:

  • Social inclusion and rejection theory
  • Positive, developmental, cognitive, and behavioral psychology
  • Sensitivity training and appreciative inquiry
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Synectics and other creativity research and practice
  • Neuroscience and network theory
  • Eastern and Western philosophies

What makes the iiChange Process different from other personal and organizational development concepts is that it’s a holistic, internal learning process. It involves the entire behavioral and emotional spectrum, and we all are born with the capacity to engage in this process--we just have to get out of our own way. To learn more about the iiChange Process, click here.

Our Mission

To equip organizations, teams, and individuals to be and become their best.

Our Vision

Creating and transferring competencies for sustained collaborative learning.

Our Values

Every human being has intrinsic worth.

Integrity, humility, curiosity, and creativity support healthy human interaction.

Courage, discipline, and reinforcement sustain creative transformation.