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Looking bad is good

“It is impossible to learn and look good at the same time,” says American writer and artist Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way.”

And while some leaders allow—even encourage—their employees to fail at new tasks, others have little or no patience for the bumpy parts of the “figuring things out” process. This is especially true when it feels like the economy is still putting the big squeeze on us.

So how can you be vigilant and flexible?

First, forget about “looking good.” (It’s a subjective measure anyway; so why spend the energy trying?) Now, you’re less likely to feel threatened by the mistakes and unplanned detours—with a little effort you can discover additional opportunities in them.


Thinking differently about thinking

Problem solving the same old way usually works only if you’re solving the same old problems.

As complex and unpredictable as our world is becoming, though, chances are you’re facing issues and challenges you’ve never faced before—from how to attract and keep Millennial Generation employees to competing in this new economy to figuring out how (or if) Facebook can boost your business.

These are not your grandmother’s leadership issues. So how are you preparing to think differently about them? Are you ready to let go of your comfort-zone way of finding solutions?

Remember: You are not your ideas or your methods. Letting go of them doesn’t mean a part of you goes, too. You’re just opening up mental space for the next great possibility to bubble up.