iiChange Retreats

Retreats can be a great way for your team or organization to step back from daily demands, reflect on where you’ve been, and plan for the future.

They also can be a time to examine how you and your staff work together and to polish up your teamwork skills. iiChange Retreats can give your staff new ways to think about team building.

Whether you’re planning a half-day session or a full day of training, our retreats can cover a broad range of concepts and tools that help people and teams communicate and learn more effectively.

Combining discussion, exercises, and visual presentations, our retreats will give your group a rich overview of such things as:

  • Finding the value in and using conflict
  • Using imagination to find possibilities
  • Self-coaching
  • Changing and sticking to habits
  • The inherent worth of everyone on the team
  • Choosing how you think and behave
  • Tools for more authentic interaction
  • Appreciating diverse perspectives

iiChange Retreats will challenge and inspire your team to think and talk about its culture, its habits, and its capacity for transforming into the high-performing group your organization needs it to be.

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Who can use them?

Teams and organizations looking for a short, highly interactive learning experience.

What’s in it for you?

  • A team that will start to talk about the fundamentals of high performance
  • A chance to analyze your team’s communication patterns
  • An opportunity to focus on ways to improve communication and creative problem solving
  • More understanding of the concepts of self worth, authenticity, appreciation, innovation, and habit change

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