Scott Dannemiller

Scott Dannemiller is a Nashville-based contract facilitator for Innovative Interchange Inc. He has been working in the training and organizational development field since 1994 as a facilitator, manager, and business owner.

Scott has worked with a variety of organizations, from major corporations such as Dell Inc., Expedia Inc., Campbell Soup, and KPMG.

His desire to see organizations achieve success is ever-present in his personal approach to facilitation and instruction. He has been an owner of Cornerstone Learning and Development; a technical facilitator for Spirent Communications; a manager for distance learning for MCI WorldCom; a training consultant for Mapco, Inc.; and a volunteer missionary and instructor, PC (USA), in Guatemala.

Scott has a master’s degree in telecommunications management from Oklahoma State University and a degree in mass communications from the University of Tulsa.

“After fifteen years as a training and organizational development consultant, I thought I had a solid understanding of what it takes to make organizations and individuals successful. It wasn’t until I found iiChange that I began to redefine success and what could be possible when we truly commit ourselves to the process of collaboration, innovation, and creativity. iiChange has increased my ‘mindfulness’ and expanded my ability to see the road blocks I put in front of me. Using iiChange techniques, I have learned how to overcome those obstacles to help myself, as well as other individuals and organizations, discover true transformation.”

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