Our Clients & What They Think About Us

Arts & Community Organizations
Culture Works (organization development & coaching)
Dayton Metro Library (executive coaching)
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance (organization development)
Downtown Dayton Partnership (facilitation)

Central State University (organization development)
Dayton Public Schools Board of Education (facilitation & coaching)
Gloria Dei Montessori (organization development)
Greenville City Schools (organization development)
Miami Jacobs Career College (organization development & coaching)
Oakwood Schools Foundation (facilitation)
University of Dayton (organization development)

Health & Human Services
Children’s Medical Center (organization development & coaching)
CHOICES Inc. Foster Care (organization development)
Green County Child Advocacy Center (organization development)
Habitat for Humanity (organization development & coaching)
Health Care Safety Net Task Force (facilitation)
Leading Healthy Futures, Chicago
Midwest Dialysis (organization development)
Premier Community Health (organization development)
Premier Health Partners (organization development)
Public Health Dayton-Montgomery County (organization development)
Samaritan Health Foundation (organization development)
Society of St. Vincent de Paul (organization development & strategic plan facilitation)
St. Leonard (organization development & strategic plan facilitation)
Stillwater Center (organization development & coaching)
United Way of Greater Dayton (organization development & coaching)
Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (organization development)
YWCA Dayton (organization development & coaching)

Private Sector/Business Services
Brower Insurance (facilitation)
Better Business Bureau (facilitation)
Crown Partners (executive coaching)
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce (organization development)
Dayton Area Home Builders Association (organization development)
DPL Inc. (organization development)
Fifth-Third Bank (executive coaching)
Midmark Corp. (executive coaching)
Morris Furniture Co. (organization development & coaching)
Strategic Data Systems (executive coaching)
Wells Fargo Dayton Commercial Banking Group (organization development)

Training Companies & Think Tanks
Action Management Associates, Plano, TX (content provider)
Alpine Access, Chicago (content provider)
Wright Brothers Institute (content provider)


“Attending the iiChange® conference helped me recognize I need to evaluate myself first and make sure I’m providing the best that I know when communicating with others. Being true to myself empowers me to be true to others.”

Robert J. Oda, Director of Stores, Morris Furniture Co, Inc., Dayton, OH

We have used the professional coaching services in several different circumstances and seen great results for those participating. The opportunities the coaching creates to build productive and successful employees and relationships has been a significant return on the investment.

Vicki Giambrone, vice president, marketing & external relations, Childrens Medical Center

“Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County leaders have enjoyed and benefited from Innovative InterChange’s training. Your services have been professional, pertinent, and very helpful to our organization.”

James W. Gross, health commissioner
Montgomery County

At Premier Health Partners, we prefer relationships with people who are willing to co-create programs with us to meet our unique needs. We have found Innovative InterChange a pleasure to work with because of its adaptability, creativity, and commitment to continuous improvement. Innovative InterChange knows how to be a business partner.

In addition, we have found Innovative InterChange to be a resource for our organization on a much deeper level than superficial skills training. What it offers goes to our need to develop a more effective culture. It helps us address hearts and minds, not just the daily grind.

Phil Wagar, director, Organizational Effectiveness, Premier Health Partners