Transformational Leadership Series

High-performance teams have always been critical to business survival, and in these unprecedented times, they’re even more important.

Transformational Leadership Series will help you take your team to that next level - allowing each member to function more effectively as an individual and as part of the group.

The TLS includes several sessions over a period of months. During our time together, you and your team will explore concepts and develop skills and tools that make lasting changes in behavior and increase productivity and morale.

Sessions are highly interactive and appeal to myriad learning styles through group discussion, exercises, readings, and visual presentations. Workshops build on each other, reinforcing important concepts and skills.

In between sessions, participants set goals to change
specific habits and practice using the tools to reach those goals. During coaching calls, your facilitator meets with participants to celebrate their successes and help them work through challenges.

Aha moments will happen. Perspectives will shift. Horizons will broaden. And change will start to feel like a good thing.

Let the
TLS transform your team and your organization today. Call (937) 293-3119 for more information.
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Who should participate?

Leadership teams and staff members from corporations, nonprofits, and government organizations.

What’s in it for you?

  • More accountability
  • More innovation
  • Less wasted time
  • Higher tolerance for ambiguity
  • Increased ability to learn quickly
  • Increased mutual respect
  • Clearer, more objective discussions
  • Higher levels of authenticity
  • Shared understanding