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The iiChange Intensive is for individuals who are ready to explore themselves at their core, examining their deepest motivations and life goals.

You and a small group of other participants spend approximately thirty hours over three days with a master iiChange trainer expanding your self-awareness, your awareness of others, and your abilities to think creatively and appreciatively and to form new habits.

The Intensive is a combination of lecture, dialogue, individual exercises, reflection, and group work. And it’s candid. You should expect to bump up against your ego boundaries more than once, as this is integral to learning. Afterward, you may choose to move on to a three-phase self-directed certification process, which will prepare you to teach iiChange. Or you may choose to use what you’ve learned simply as a guide for ongoing personal and professional development.

Whatever your journey, the goal of the Intensive is to quiet the noise in your brain for awhile, allowing you to reflect on your values and vision and develop effective strategies for living them.

2011 iiChange Intensive

September 27-29
Community Room, Elements IV Interiors
3680 Wyse Road, Dayton, OH 45414

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