Before we even propose a workshop, we meet with you to you to determine what your personal and/or organizational goals are. Then we customize an experience that will help you meet those goals. Your training will be interactive and real as we work with you and your group on the issues you're facing in your organization. See below for descriptions of some of the ways we can deliver your sessions.

  • iiChange Awareness Experience: For people who want to begin learning a process that can improve personal and professioanl satisfaction. (Click here to download more information.)

  • Transformational Leadership Series: The TLS is ideal for companies, nonprofits, and any other organization looking for sustainable change. The workshops and coaching sessions build on each other, each one helping participants become more aware of and change the behaviors that hinder their personal and professional growth. (Click here to download more information.)

  •  iiChange Retreats:  If your group is looking for a unique way to structure traditional gatherings such as management retreats, strategic planning sessions, or team building outings, iiChange Retreats can help. We can bring some depth to your gathering, which we can lead at your facility or at an off-site meeting or retreat center. (Click here to download more information.)

  • iiChange Meetings: This day-long seminar is packed with proven concepts and techniques to transform any meeting into an efficient, productive use of everyone’s time. We give you the "iiChange Meetings" system (complete with agenda and action plan templates) as well as some skills and tools for effective communication. Take our self-scoring iiChange Meeting Meter to find out how your meetings are performing. (Click here for the iiChange Meeting Meter.) (Click here to download more information.)

  • iiChange Intensive: A three-day workshop for individuals who are ready to explore themselves at their core—examining their deepest motivations and life goals. A small group of participants spend approximately 30 hours over three days with a Master iiChange Mentor. (Click here to download more information.)

  • Creative Conflict: is a one-day workshop that helps you think differently about differences. You will become aware of the value in diverse perspectives and come away from the workshop with a tool for analyzing conflict objectively, owning your role in it, and using it to create possibilities instead of hard feelings. (Click here to download more information.)

  • Call Center Coaching: Call center employees often bear the brunt of customer anger and frustration and can easily get drawn into a caller’s negativity. Every Call is a Gift helps customer service teams see past those emotions and understand the value of even the angriest caller. They’ll learn tools and skills for staying objective and curious, which can help them disarm such callers and resolve complaints so that your organization and the customer hang up satisfied. (Click here to download more information.)